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There is a lot to know about how to get on the short list for journalists seeking input for their stories, how to advise experts to respond to requests for comments, and why timing is everything when making the connection between a journalist and an expert. Read on for insights from the healthcare media relations specialists at MCPR.

Why Doctor PR is Good for SEO

We live in a world today in which searching for things on our phones and computers is an everyday activity. We search for everything; restaurants, hotels, information, advice, and much more. We also use search to find our doctors. It Read More >

Value of Content Marketing for Doctors

Content marketing for doctors creates an opportunity to educate and share information about the various medical conditions for which they treat patients. We believe that content marketing is an excellent way for doctors to build trust with their patients. This Read More >

Why Every OBGYN Needs a Publicist

In our work providing PR services to doctors, one of the biggest categories of interest from reporters is for commentary from OBGYNs. It seems that there is endless demand for insights about pregnancy, menopause, menstrual cycles and more. Moreover, the Read More >

Why Doctors Should Have a Blog

Blogging can be time consuming. First, you need an idea for an article and then you need to research and write the piece. You will also want to find a compelling image to go along with your article. And of Read More >

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